Vegans Prema & Co.


About Us

Vegans Prema & Co. came into existence recently in the year 2016 in Farmington Hills Michigan (USA) and Nadia, West Bengal (India). Besides, the company is running under the guidance of its proprietors, Mr. Uttam and Mrs. Ericka Roy Their Vision is To Become the Voices for the Voiceless they are Dedicated Vegans And Animal Activists On a mission to promote a violence free environment The purpose of this company is to boost the Vegan movement, by spreading the word from town to town village to village by creating high quality Vegan T-Shirts that help support animal rights and abuse. They are a global website bringing information to everyone about Veganism all over the world because we believe in supporting those who have decided to dedicate their lives to help the helpless. Prema is a Sanskrit word meaning "love" or "affection & each and everyday hundreds and thousands of animals are being tortured , abused and killed ..we love all living entities with pure love from the heart. All animals lives matter and deserve to be treated with pure love respect and compassion . We are working hard every- day to eliminate animal suffering and overpopulation, we want to cultivate and we need your support.

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Name of Partners Mr. Uttam & Mrs. Ericka Roy
Year of Establishment 2016
Nature of Business Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier